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Lego Club



Does your child enjoy playing with Legos?

Would they benefit from building social skills in a fun & relaxed environment?

Explore social learning through Legos and come build with us!


Research has shown that significant gains can be made in social development through Lego play therapy.  Group Lego building provides a medium through which children with social and communication disadvantages can be taught to interact effectively.  Sessions will focus on helping small groups of children work together to build Lego models while encouraging play and social interaction.  Game play and language skills will also be practiced as the children take part in Lego related games.


Making Lego movies has become a favorite activity at Lego Club.  Children work cooperatively to develop the characters, setting, and plot for their very own Lego movie.  After building all of the people and structures needed, each child plays a part acting out and narrating the movie, which we record on a digital camera and watch on a laptop at the end of the session.  Fun is had by all while practicing very important collaborative skills and learning to make creative compromises.


The Lego Club will target the following skills -

 Confidence Building

Listening Comprehension

Collaborative Problem Solving

Sharing and Turn Taking

Direction Following


Joint Attention and Task Focus

Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Game Play Skills


The Club is open to children ages 5 to 10

Cost is $65 for a sixty minute session


To reserve space for your child 
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