Lego Social Skills Groups


Research has shown that significant gains can be made in social development through Lego play therapy. Group Lego building provides a medium through which children with social and communication disadvantages can be taught to interact effectively. Through a variety of activities, games, and social skills lessons, children learn and practice appropriate social behaviors within a small, structured group setting. Skills are practiced weekly and incorporate an incremental, targeted approach. Data is collected for each child throughout every session so that progress can be measured from week to week.

Please note that our classes have been modified due to COVID-19. Children are appropriately distanced and safety/cleaning protocols are in place. The majority of our games and activities have not required a significant change, however, our cooperative Lego building has been modified. After planning their cooperative build as a group, each child builds their contribution to the project. Each child receives their own personal box of Legos so that there is no sharing of materials.

Our clubs target the following skills:

Confidence Building

Listening Comprehension

Collaborative Problem Solving


Critical Thinking

Direction Following


Joint Attention and Task Focus

Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Game Play


Lego & Games Club - Ages 5 to 8

Whether on a sports team or working on a science project in class, specific skills are required to be part of a group activity. Being a successful team player requires the ability to negotiate, manage frustration, maintain a proper tone of voice and volume level, resolve conflicts, make suggestions, accept the suggestions of others, and develop solutions to problems. Sessions will focus on helping small groups of children converse and work together through social skills learning activities, games and group Lego building projects.

Making Lego movies has become a favorite activity at Lego Club. Children work cooperatively to develop the characters, setting, and plot for their very own Lego movie. After building all of the people and structures needed, each child plays a part acting out and narrating the movie, which we record on a digital camera and watch on a laptop at the end of the session. This allows the children to practice important collaborative skills and making creative compromises.

Cost is $65 for a sixty minute session

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