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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

We are pleased to announce that we have reopened our office! 

In addition to in-person groups and therapies, we will continue to provide therapeutic sessions via Teletherapy.  Teletherapy is available for adult & child counseling as well as individual social skills training.

Social skills and counseling programs for

children, teens & adults including:

Lego Social Skills Groups (Ages 3-12)

Teen Social Skills Groups (Ages 13-19)

Individual Counseling & Social Skills Therapy

Peer Modeling Programs

Vocational Social Skills (College & Career)

Mindfulness Classes

     Understanding the social aspects of life is as important to the growth of a child as academics. Being socially adept is essential for emotional well-being, independence, confidence, empathy, and communication. When a child can effectively use language to converse, exhibit empathy towards others, and properly interpret and respond to social situations, he or she is more likely to develop friendships with peers and fit into the social hierarchy of his or her school and community.  

     Social skill deficits can be present in children of any age.  Relating to peers is particularly difficult for those with special needs, but can also be challenging for shy and gifted children.  Whether your child is on the autism spectrum, has social communication disorder, or just needs help making and maintaining friendships, By Design Social Skills will provide you with the best possible resources to aid in the social development of your child.  We will design a program to improve your child's natural communication abilities and allow him or her to better understand the social environment.  We look forward to building a brighter future for your child by supplying the social tools necessary for successful development. 



Brinley Professional Plaza

3100 Route 138 West

Building 3, Suite 1

Wall Township, New Jersey 07719

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