ADHD Diagnostic Testing

ADHD testing for children ages 6-10 

Our clinicians have extensive professional experience working with ADHD populations as licensed counselors (LPCs & LCSWs) in both educational and private practice settings.

After conducting a comprehensive assessment, they will provide a written evaluation and ADHD diagnosis (if applicable) as well as personalized treatment & support recommendations.

How does ADHD testing work? 

ADHD-like symptoms are not always the result of ADHD itself, as there may be other hidden or overlapping causes of the associated behaviors. This means that the practitioner must map out the full context of the child's unique social, emotional, & behavioral profile and health history to make an informed assessment.

What kind of ADHD test does my child need?

As per the National Association of School Psychologists, an ADHD evaluation requires more than just a “narrowband” assessment of ADHD symptoms, (as may be found in online testing providers). A proper evaluation must also include holistic “broadband” testing to rule out other possible causes of ADHD-like symptoms and/or to identify any concurrent cognitive or psychological issues. To do so requires the following:

(1) gathering comprehensive background information

(2) parent and/or teacher interviews (typically in the form of a multiple-choice survey)

(3) direct observation of the child by the clinician

(4) professional, standardized behavior rating scales

Our full battery of assessments includes an evaluation of executive functioning, visual/motor, visual-perceptual, crystallized (verbal) & fluid (nonverbal) intelligence testing, and social/emotional/behavioral health.

How much does it cost? 

The total cost of an ADHD Evaluation is $2,450 

This includes the intake, initial consultation, assessment of surveys and rating scales, in-person assessments (testing session with the child), written evaluation & diagnosis (if applicable), treatment & support recommendations, as well as an optional follow-up consultation to review the test results and discuss recommendations.

Note that payment is due at time of service (by credit card).

Do you accept insurance?

We are an out-of-network provider but will provide you with an itemized statement of the procedure and diagnostic codes needed for you to submit a claim to your insurance company. Your insurance provider may provide partial reimbursement for the assessment.

Note that we do not offer autism testing. We offer ADHD testing, which only screens for basic indicators of autism and is not intended to detect or diagnose autism.