"Beth Troast is a wonderful and compassionate therapist with a keen insight that is rare. Beth has been working with my son for a year and has made a positive impact in his life and on our entire family. From the moment Beth met my son, she immediately earned his trust. She quickly identified his strengths and engaged him in meaningful and interesting activities. Most of the "professionals" we've been to over the past five years have been quick to diagnose and prescribe, but none have been able to actually help. Beth created a custom program to meet my son's unique needs. Each week she provides a safe and fun place for my son to learn and practice the social skills he needs so he can behave appropriately with his friends, family, and the community. My son looks forward to his play group every week. He sees it as an opportunity to play with his friends and have fun. I see it as an opportunity for him to gain confidence and develop necessary life skills.

Thank you Beth! Your insight and feedback have inspired me to be more patient, understanding, and persistent in helping my son succeed."

Wall Township, New Jersey

"My son JB has been doing peer modeling with Beth Nardone-Troast for the past two years. Ms. Troast's peer modeling program has taught JB the practical skills necessary for social success -- from how to make eye contact to how to decide who gets to go first in a game. These lessons have increased JB's social skills significantly and he is able to incorporate them into his interactions with his friends. Also, because peer modeling is play based, JB is excited to work with Miss Beth every week. This is the most successful social program that JB has done."

L.H., Monmouth County, New Jersey

"Our family has had the privilege of receiving a unique and life-changing program from Beth Nardone-Troast. Beth’s Peer Modeling Program opened many new doors for our son, Dylan, who has autism. She developed an individualized social skills program that incorporated conversation skills, play skills, sportsmanship, manners, understanding emotions, language skills and body language. Through the use of a typical peer, all these skills were introduced, practiced and mastered. Today, Dylan has friends, goes to the public middle school in town, serves as an altar server at our church, joined the football team and enjoys a variety of social situations. Beth is extremely dedicated to her students and is excellent at customizing a program based on the needs of the individual. The best thing about Beth is that her programs get results. They work! We have tons of experience with therapists over the past 10 years, and very few have made the impact Beth has. She is an angel in our life and we will always be thankful for her involvement with Dylan."

Melissa A., Boonton, New Jersey

"My daughter Anna is currently 12 years old. She has become a beautiful, talented, and social young lady. However, it wasn’t always so. As a very young child, Anna was always quiet and easy going, not seeming to care about too much, nor asking for too much. She was a parent’s dream child. However, when she entered pre-school, I noticed that she didn’t interact with her peers. She followed directions, smiled and physically played with her classmates. However, I never saw her using her language to interact. As time went on, she started having difficulties socially with bullies at the very young age of 4 ½. She soon went to kindergarten and it became more apparent. At class parties, recess, snack time, she never interacted and engaged in social conversation. She actually, just didn’t care to. I was baffled, until I started noticing other unusual traits. Traits that were definitely characteristic of children on the spectrum. I began asking why she never conversed with other kids, until I realized that she had no idea of what to say. But what was more disturbing was that she had “no relationship” with a friend.

I asked for a child study team and was told that I was crazy, Anna was perfect, just a shy child. But I knew that was not the case. After battling the school and doctors, she was not diagnosed as on the spectrum, and as a result, could not benefit from a shadow to prompt her or social skills intervention. She became an island unto herself.

And then I met Beth Nardone-Troast. Beth was able to come and observe Anna at her gymnastics/craft summer camp. She saw everything that I was crying out about. She could detect all the missed opportunities to connect, all the misread body language, all the difficulties Anna had in perspective taking. Finally, someone that could hear my cries and speak my language in regards to my child. She immediately asked if there were any other children that might be available to participate in a peer modeling program with Anna. And there was, a little girl whose mom had just gone back to work. We were able to set up a 2 hour peer modeling session once per week.

Beth worked on all the social skills and personal traits of Anna, one by one, repetitively until they were mastered. Anna benefited tremendously. Not only was she mastering the skills during the session, but she began generalizing the skills at school. Beth tweaked her program constantly to meet Anna’s changing needs. Her demands grew from interacting one on one, to engaging in a group setting. Beth discussed with me how to work with Anna on play dates and what type of situations would be suited for Anna. Beth taught Anna the skill and coached me as a parent to follow through with Anna’s generalization of the skill.

Beth is my angel. Beth is our angel. Anna is now in middle school. Beth is still in our lives. I can’t bear to let her leave. She sees Anna once every month to touch base on the new issues Anna faces in middle school. I am not sure what would have happened to Anna or how she would have developed. But I am certain that Beth and her peer modeling program has been the most important piece in Anna’s success and development. Anna may not be in the “cool” crowd, but she is a loving, interesting, compassionate, appropriate, and caring person, who has successful relationships with her peers. I attribute that to BETH! We love you BETH!"

J.M., Bergen County, New Jersey

"How lucky we are to have found Beth! Three years ago, it was as if our young son on the autism spectrum had been trapped inside his own mind. He understood everything, had a full vocabulary, and was bright, however his disability prevented him from connecting with the world around him. Much of his conversation consisted of stereotopy, echolalia, and short sentences to make his needs known. He had also been displaying rigid and ritualistic behaviors. Upon meeting Beth and having her observe our son, she quickly identified all of the opportunities to help him begin to grow socially and instantly put a Peer Modeling plan into place. Beth's experience and intuition allowed her to acknowledge what he was capable of, and the appropriate point at which to begin his therapy regimen. With the help of a typically developing peer, our son has been afforded the opportunity to learn and practice game playing, imaginative play, simulated school "circle time" situations, and other vital social skills on a weekly basis right in our own home.

Beth always listens to our concerns, shares in our victories, keeps us up to date on how the programming is coming along and what she plans to work on in the future. Beth also helps me to keep things in perspective---something that is so important on this journey. It is evident that the program she has developed is specifically designed for our son, with careful attention to his strengths and areas of weakness, all geared toward the manner in which he learns best. Beth is not afraid to challenge our son, knowing what he is capable of and steadily raising the bar as he reaches the goals set forth for him. She is flexible and willing to approach things from a different angle whenever the need arises. In addition to coordinating a wonderful Peer Modeling program for our son, Beth is always available to offer suggestions that we can implement at home and in the community to help our son continue his steady growth.

Now we are thrilled to report that our son is extremely social, plays games with other children, talks to nearly everyone he sees, uses pragmatic language appropriately, displays a healthy sense of humor, and is amazingly observant of his surroundings. I have to attribute much of this success to Beth and the wonderful programming she has implemented. I would highly recommend Beth's program to any family struggling with a child who needs help with his or her social skills. Her warm, personalized, and thorough approach works! Thank you Beth for all that you do for our family!! We are truly grateful that you have opened so many doors for our son!"

M.L., Morris County, New Jersey