Vocational Social Skills (College & Career)

Social Skills for College, Work and Beyond...

Whether you are entering college, starting a job or looking to improve your ability to interact with people more effectively, this course is for you! Classes will focus on the soft skills needed to build relationships, work alongside co-workers, and gain respect of teachers and supervisors. Some of the topics we will teach include:

  • Proper Social Etiquette
  • Time Management & Organization
  • Managing Stress/Mindfulness
  • Problem Solving
  • Being a Team Player
  • Developing a Work Ethic
  • Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  • Accepting Constructive Criticism

This Course is Appropriate for Ages 15 through Adult

Course: Three 90-Minute Sessions - $175

Individual programming sessions are also available for the topics listed above as well as Effective Interviewing and Career Guidance .

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